Cats. Hate. Pills.

May 18, 2021 | Pets

You’ve tried cheese. You’ve tried treats. You’ve tried literally sticking the pill down your cat’s throat. If you’ve learned one thing in your years of cat ownership, it’s that a cat won’t do what a cat doesn’t want to do. When it’s for the good of their health, like taking an important medication, you may need to call in reinforcements.

Pet med compounding makes it easier.

Cats have 30 razor-sharp teeth, sometimes claws, and the stubbornness of a toddler. Instead of pleading with an unwilling cat or trying to force feed them pills, we can create a custom pet prescription that’s easy to administer. They’ll love our treats or liquid formulas and we can even flavor them by preference including fish, tuna, chicken, bacon, beef, fruit, or alfalfa. For truly picky eaters, we can create a topical prescription you can apply in the form of a cream, ointment, gel, spray or ear drop.

Every family member deserves the best a pharmacy can give.

Most pets need a prescription at some point in their life. We create custom medications for all your furry family members from cats to dogs, guinea pigs, horses, goats, chinchillas, various reptiles, ferrets, and others. We can also combine multiple medications into a single dose or compound a specific strength of prescription that isn’t produced otherwise.

We’re the only compounding pharmacy in the Aberdeen area.

Ask your vet about prescribing a custom medication or chat with our friendly pharmacists to learn more. We’ll make it easy to administer your pet’s medication.