Daily Medication Packs (They’re Free!)

December 28, 2020 | Managing Prescriptions

As we age, we tend to rely on more medications to stay healthy. If you or a loved one is juggling multiple prescriptions, our Daily Medication Packs keep you organized so there’s no more wondering what to take when.

We can sort your meds by date, time, and dosage.

Our friendly pharmacists are happy to arrange your medications into clearly-labeled, prepackaged packets. Think of it like a pill planner, only better, and we’ll do all the prep work for you.

There’s no extra cost.

Daily Medication Packs are just one of the many free services we offer to make medication adherence easier. We can also review your meds to check for adverse drug reactions and cheaper generic options. Just ask!

Medication errors can cause serious complications.

Missing a dose here and there may not seem like a big deal but it can actually take a huge toll on your wellbeing. Many conditions require consistent treatment so it’s critical you follow your doctor’s plan and schedule. Talk to your pharmacist Daily Medication Packs before your next refill and ensure you never miss another dose.

If you visited home over the holidays and noticed a parent or family member needed more assistance than usual, it may be time to start asking questions. Learn more about medication adherence and why it’s important.