Feel a cold coming on? Do this right now.

October 13, 2020 | Health

Colds, flu, corona, oh my! The drop in temperature that happens each autumn typically signals the start of “sick season” and this year is no different. Despite pandemic precautions like wearing a mask, washing your hands, and socially distancing, many people are still getting sick and the common cold is going around. Here’s a few things you should do when you start feeling under the weather.

Please stay home.

Whether it’s just a sore throat or something more serious, it’s important not to expose others to whatever you’ve got. Stay home until your symptoms clear up. If you have to go out, be sure to mask up and be respectful of others by maintaining a social distance of at least 6 feet, sanitizing surfaces you have touched, and avoiding physical contact.

Manage your symptoms.

First, try to determine if your symptoms are COVID related. The CDC has tips to help differentiate between a common cold, the flu, or coronavirus. Especially watch for a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste or smell. Check your temperature periodically and keep an eye on your symptoms. It’s never a bad idea to call your doctor for advice if you are unsure.

Take care of yourself.

When we’re sick, many of us reach for creature comforts like sodium-laden canned soup, sugary orange juice, and takeout. Instead, opt for a healthy and balanced diet to help you heal. Be sure to get enough sleep and take a multivitamin or Zinc supplement to help your body fight off the illness. An over-the-counter medicine may help you recover faster.

Once you’re healthy again, get your flu shot.

Getting the flu and COVID at the same time could lead to serious illness. Get the flu shot to protect yourself and others. Call Plaza Pharmacy at (605) 225-6344 to schedule yours. Flu shots are available by appointment only so that we can limit the number of people in our waiting room.