Locally Owned – It Matters

July 9, 2020 | Health

There is power in shopping local. When you support small businesses instead of big box stores, the control moves from the boardrooms of distant corporations and back into the community where it belongs. Read on to learn why locally owned is better.

It helps our local economy.

When you shop locally, more of your money stays in our community because these small business owners purchase from other local businesses and service providers. In fact, around 30% more money stays in the community and adds to our tax base. Those sales taxes then fund vital services like street repairs, fire protection, and trash collection.

It creates quality jobs.

Small local businesses are actually the largest source of employers nationally. Local businesses are owned by people who live in Aberdeen, are less likely to leave, and are more invested in our city’s welfare and future growth. Additionally, local employers have personal ties to the community, employing local workers and providing better wages.

You support local charities.

Locally owned businesses donate more to local charities than non-local owners or big box stores. Nonprofit organizations receive 250% more support from small businesses than large ones. We proudly give back to several schools and nonprofits in our community.

Encourage entrepreneurship.

Competition and diversity leads to more consumer choices. When there are multiple small businesses, rather than a couple of big box stores, there is more room for innovation and lower prices in the long run. The success of small businesses also attracts other entrepreneurial endeavors which leads to more jobs and dollars to our tax base.

You get the same great pricing.

We compete with the big box brands on most prescription and over the counter medications. In fact, we save customers an average of $1,150 each year on Medicare Part D coverage. We’re happy to quote your prescriptions and compare generic options to get you the best deal.

Our service is personalized.

Local business owners open their doors because they are passionate about what they do and will take more time getting to know their customers. You’ll find our owners behind the counter every day and we enjoy building relationships and helping individuals on their path to better health. To us, you’re not just a customer. You’re our neighbor, friend, and part of our community.

We are locally owned and operated and are conveniently located in the Sanford Aberdeen Clinic, Avera State Street Medical Square, and Ken’s SuperFair Foods.