Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet

May 14, 2020 | Managing Prescriptions

Is your medicine cabinet on your spring cleaning list? It should be! Here are our top tips.

Check the dates.

Examine everything in your medicine cabinet including ointments, supplements, and vitamins. Discard any item that is beyond the expiration date, as many medications lose their effectiveness and some may even be toxic. Also discard any prescriptions that are more than one year old.

Toss items that have changed color, smell, or taste.

This includes pills that have faded color from exposure to too much light. Also discard aspirin or acetaminophen that has become crumbly or lost its shape. Get rid of hydrogen peroxide that no longer bubbles when applied as a disinfectant.

Discard unmarked containers.

If something is no longer in its original container and cannot be identified, get rid of it! In the future, you should always keep medications in their original containers so you can easily recognize every medication.

Dispose of medications properly.

Because of the potential danger to children and pets, you can’t simply throw it out. Never flush medications down the toilet or rinse them into a sink as this can cause environmental issues as they enter the water supply. Instead, place all of the medication in a sealable bag. If there are solids like pills, add some water so they can dissolve. Next, add kitty litter, coffee grounds, saw dust, or another material that mixes well and makes it unappealing for children or animals to eat. Seal the bag and put it in the trash. Remove any identifying information on the bottle, clean it, and recycle. We can also assist in disposing of medication in a safe manner.