Workouts That Don’t Feel Like “Workouts”

March 29, 2021 | Health

The majority of Americans have already dropped the ball on our New Year’s Resolutions to get fit. In fact, 91% of us chose health-related goals and around 80% quit back in February. Instead of setting unreasonable expectations like losing 30 pounds in a month, try moving a little more as part of your daily routine. Here are 6 ways to feel the burn without ever hitting the gym.

Clean up your lawn and garden.

There’s a reason we get so tired when gardening. Planting, weeding, and mowing burn as many as 400 calories per hour and make us engage several muscle groups. You’ll also get to see the result of your labor when your landscape is ready for patio-season.

Spring clean your house.

You might have been planning to do this anyways but now you have a reason to really get into it. Cleaning can be an effective full-body workout, whether you’re shampooing carpets or re-organizing your pantry.

Run around with the kids.

Here you thought this list was all chores! Playing with the kiddos is a fun way to torch calories while bonding with your loved ones. Go ahead and start a game of tag or follow-the-leader, indoors or outside. You’ll get to soak up their cuteness while working up a sweat.

Swap out your tv time.

We aren’t very active when we’re zoned into Netflix. You’ll benefit by replacing that time with almost any activity. Try picking up a hobby like playing an instrument or trying a new sport. Even if it doesn’t seem strenuous, it’s likely more physical than lounging on the couch.

Cook a good meal.

Save money and eat healthier while getting some movement in. Cooking at home burns up to 300 calories per hour, which totally cancels out the wine you might drink. It’s even better if you put on some music and make it fun. We’ve all broken out some sweet dance moves on taco night, right?

Walk or bike when you can.

If you live within grocery distance to the store, for example, why drive? Leave your car at home and get a little activity in whenever you can. You get bonus points if your grocery bags are heavy.

Once you’ve completed a good sweat session, make sure you’re getting the quality sleep you’ll need to recover.